A downloadable game for Windows

Cut down giant cubes with a fire sword.

Note: HTML version has too much lag (FPS<10 sometimes). Downloadable much faster (FPS>30).


cubeCutter2.zip 13 MB

Install instructions

Open .exe file to play the game.


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This seems like an interesting game to try, unfortunately when the main menu opens, I can't play the game, the only button that works is the quit button. In fact, it feels like there are multiple menu views in one, judging by the overlapping elements. I wonder, if the "cubeCutter2" is the fixed version?

Yup, cubeCutter2 should work. You probably tried it but pressing space (un)pauses the game. I'll delete the first version and add an html version. Thanks for letting me know.

Okay, now I could play it! Very interesting idea and look to it. The other cubes are actually surprisingly smart in how they chase you. Frame rate may not always stay that high if there's lot of cubes on screen.